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Geetha Ravali

Founder, CTO

Phd scholar in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with research focus on the theory of control systems as applied to the management and control of high capacity battery systems, such found in hybrid and electrical vehicles.

Published research articles which emphasis mainly on modelling, estimation and prognostics of Li-ion battery. Current research efforts include modelling of degradation state, state of charge, state of health and state of life estimation; power and energy prediction using model predictive control and other advanced techniques to extend life; Battery pack fast charging.

The idea of rejecting fossil fuels and fully commit to renewable energy sources and adopting battery based storage systems will be the near future. Its time for India to lead the way in electrification and clean energy technologies of the future.

This is certainly not going to be easy but together we can, and we must. The climate needs it, the world wants it, and our country deserves it.

Geetha Ravali
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